If you were paying attention to your phone during the last few weeks, then you noticed some updates to the Novel Idea game.  In case you were curious, here’s the scoop:

  • The game is much more stable (hooray for no crashing!)
  • Droid app still out, still awesome.
  • We (FINALLY!) have stickers!  They’ll be showing up around the world.  If you want some, shoot us an e-mail and we’ll get you set up.  Or, as always, leave a comment below.  Either way, you get stickers.

Fun times, right?  I know, so much excitement, you may have peed a little.  Go clean yourself up and spend your weekend playing Novel Idea. :)


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So, I’m hearing a lot about other popular word apps.  I asked around, and so many of the others are basically versions of Scrabble that let you cheat.  Hmmm.

No, really, they do sound like fun, but they’re no Novel Idea.  Not to trash-talk, but we do offer a far more creative experience.  Imagine how neat it would be to have the story you began on our apppublished!  I’m just sayin’.  That, and writing every day is a great way to improve your writing skills, so why wouldn’t you want an app that at least makes it fun, and brings you closer to friends and family?

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Academic Writing

Creative writing is amazing: it can take you to entire worlds you can only imagine, and it can introduce you to people that you’ve always wanted to meet.  It can portray everyday events with which the audience is entirely familiar, or it can bring up fantastic events that branch into the extraordinary.  It’s clear that people who enjoy Novel Idea are probably more than a little familiar with writing creatively, and we love that about you.

That said, a decent number of you probably do more than creative writing.  You’re probably also familiar with academic writing (writing for research papers, that sort of thing).  Those who write creatively, especially those playing Novel Idea on a regular basis, have a bit of an edge with academic writing because it keeps the creative juices flowing and helps to strengthen one’s vocabulary.  When you’re playing Novel Idea, and you don’t know a particular bonus or key word, just click on that word and you get the definition.  Easy, right?

If you need an extra boost with your academic writing, we understand.  The Purdue Owl is a great online source for academic writers who need a little help.

The Purdue Owl: http://owl.english.purdue.edu/

Whatever your goal, keep writing, and keep playing Novel Idea!

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Novel Idea Tutorial

Novel Idea Tutorial

Speaking of getting to know our website, have you seen our tutorial?  Click the link above to go through the app tutorial.  Once you’ve gone to the page, just click the arrows to the side of the pictures to navigate Novel Idea.  It’s fast and easy, just like…things that are fast and easy.  Yeah, we know.

Do it!  It’s fun and informative.  Then go “like” us on Facebook, because that is also a good idea.


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Website Features

You know our website, but do youknow our website? For example: are you aware of the game mode/challenge search option?

Go to the “Home” screen, and on the right side of the page under the “View Stories Played” menu is the “Game Mode/Challenge Search”, where you can look up stories by — you guessed it — game mode/challenge.  You can look up stories that have been played using “Novel Idea”, “Default”, “Theme”, or “Versus”.

We like to think this makes it easier for you to check out different game modes before you play, and it lets you find particular games faster after they’ve been submitted.  We’ve made it easier to show off stories to your friends?  Awesome.  Keep submitting your stories, you creative creatures!

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You know we have our website (http://www.a-novel-idea.org/ani/homescreen.htm) and you know about our app, but have you looked us up on Facebook yet?  Find us on Facebook (search “Novel Idea”, or go here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/WeeWoo-Studios/221054981267805); the story you create on Facebook can be “liked” and can earn points!

Here are our Facebook stories so far: http://www.a-novel-idea.org/ani/fbsearch.htm

Remember, the more points your story earns, the more likely it is to be featured on our website’s home page.  Get playing! :)

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As you may have read on our Twitter feed, we’ve hit the 1000+ mark!  We’re understandably THRILLED to announce it. :)  What can we say?  We’re happy to have made something you enjoy.  That’s why we’re here.  Speaking of, here’s where you can go to join the happy players:


Now, you’re probably wondering about our website.  We say, wonder significantly less!  There happens to be a handy-dandy link for that, as well:


See that story on the home page?  That could be YOURS!  Well, not that one in particular, but your story could be featured on our front page.  How?  Get your friends to vote on the story by giving it a “thumbs up” on the bottom of the story screen.  Click “view entire story” at the top of the text under the blue bar, and that takes you to — that’s right — the entire story, where you can read it and rate it. :)  Simple, yes?  We thought so, too.  Enough positive feedback, and yours is the featured story.  Awesome stuff!  You can also download the app straight from that home screen by clicking the link on the right side (scroll down a little) under the words “download game”.  So easy!







…what are you still doing here?  Go go go!  Write!  Create!  Play!

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